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GRP Rescue Boat 4.3M

Rescue boat is designed, built and equipped to comply with "1974 international convention for safety of life at sea" 2006 amendments MSC.216(82), international life-saving appliances code (LSA)-MSC.48(66) and amendments MSC.218(82)&MSC.272(85), testing of life-saving appliances MSC. 81(70) and amendments MSC.226(82)&MSC.274(85)&MSC.323(89). 

The rescue boats have been designed by outboard engine, launched the rescue boat to water surface by davit. The rescue boat has the wealthy maneuverability and controllability in the waves to save people and collect the life raft. It has the self-righting ability and manual operate righting ability.

Classification Society Certifications:

Model   Dimension
Capacity (P) Speed
Engine Unloaded (KG) Full Loaded (KG) 
NM43R 4.30X1.86X0.78 6  ≥6 MERCURY25HP 605 1100
(Single Hook )
4.50X1.86X0.78 6  ≥6 MERCURY25HP 700 1195
(Double Hooks)
4.50X1.86X0.78 6  ≥6 MERCURY25HP 700 1195

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