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Totally enclosed lifeboat/Rescue Boat

Totally enclosed lifeboat /rescue boat is launched by gravity luffing arm type davit or platform davit, use for tanker. The design and manufacture are complied with the latest regulations of SOLAS and rules of international life saving equipments (LSA).
The boat will be launched and recovered by the gravity,davit. The helmsman inside can launch the boat through the control wire. For convenient boarding, two side doors are provided as the embarking way. Boat structure has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the classification societies, and has sufficient strength to resist potential load during its launching, being towed, even operating at a rough sea. the P.U. foam filled in the lifeboat will provide sufficient buoyancy to ensure the lifeboat not sinking under any potential damage conditions.
The boat has been constructed of such form and properties that it has ample stability in a sea way and sufficient freeboard when loaded with its full complement of persons and equipment. Even In the event of the boat being flooded and then capsizing it will automatically self right and will provide not only an above-water escape for its occupants, but also ensure that all occupants have their heads above water.
Classification Society Certifications:

Totally enclosed lifeboat/Rescue Boat (Fire type)

Model  Dimension (M) Capacity (P) Hook Distance (M) Engine Total weight (KG)
NM50F 5.00X2.20X1.10 26   4.6 380-J 4610
NM585F 5.85X2.78X1.15 45   5.45 380-J 6762.5
NM65F 6.50X2.32X1.15 36   6.1 380-J 5920
NM75F 7.50X2.78X1.15 60   7.0 380-J 7861
NM85F 8.50X3.20X1.25 85   8.1 380-J 11667.5
NM117F 11.70X3.70X1.25 150   11.1 N485-J 20332

Totally enclosed lifeboat/Rescue Boat (Commom type)

Model  Dimension (M) Capacity (P) Hook Distance (M) Engine Total weight (KG)
NM50C 5.00X2.20X1.10 26 4.6 380-J 4310
NM59C 5.90X2.78X1.15 45 5.45 380-J 6492.5
NM65C 6.50X2.32X1.15 36 6.1 380-J 5600
NM75C 7.50X2.78X1.15 60 7.0 380-J 7628
NM85C 8.50X3.20X1.25 85 8.1 380-J 11372.5
NM103C 10.30X3.70X1.25 130 9.73 N485-J 16343
NM117C 11.70X3.70X1.25 150 11.1 N485-J 19172

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